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3 Ways a Celebration Dinner Helps Camp

Have you been wondering what a celebration dinner can do for camp? How can one evening of food, fun, and community make any difference? Salem Acres Bible Camp has been running its celebration dinner for a few years now. I, fortunately, was there at the first one and honestly, I wasn’t sure who would come. That evening I was surprised to see a gym full of people all there to support camp. From that point on, I’ve been to every celebration dinner to date and have seen 3 great outcomes for camp each time.

  1. Prayer

I had a hard time asking God for things in prayer because I was under the impression that He already knows everything, so why did I need to repeat it. One day on the radio the announcer was talking about prayer and said: “prayer isn’t for God as much as it’s for us”. A light bulb clicked and it made so much sense, prayer is a benefit for you and me. This fact is again true for camp. Each year prayer is the greatest support that anyone can give because nothing is possible without God. A celebration dinner is a fantastic place where people come alongside camp and commit to praying for the ministry of Salem Acres.

  1. Volunteers

Camp is in the family blood and so it was a natural step for me to become a regular volunteer. Upon reflection, I've realized the huge impact on my life. Volunteering at camp certainly helped establish a servants heart in me. Along with such a wonderful sense of working and living in community, which I believe is a little taste of heaven. At the celebration dinner, it’s a terrific place to get a taste of that community. In addition, if anyone's not quite sure about volunteering this is the perfect situation to meet other volunteers, hear their stories, get more information, and ask questions.

  1. Funding

As a kid or even volunteer, you don't see the money side or know how much it takes to run a camp. The funny thing is it doesn't take money it takes God. Really without Him no matter how much money we throw at camp it still wouldn’t work without Jesus. Money always seems to be a little bit of a taboo word and maybe this is because it’s connected to our insecurities. In Christ, though we are free from such constraints and we can openly trust that He has all the control. The celebration dinner is a great place and opportunity to join the work that God is doing at Salem Acres Bible Camp. Donating by coming or by filling out donation cards is an easy way to help. Even if you can’t make it to camp you can still make a difference.

Sometimes it can be hard to see how a celebration dinner can help camp, but through prayer, volunteers, and funding every person who attends makes the world of difference to Salem Acres Bible Camp. Would you like to find out more about our up and coming celebration dinner? Click here and can't wait to see you there!

Christina Friesen

A Jesus, camp, and family loving creative. She currently lives is Abbotsford, BC with her husband, but is drawn back to those Alberta camps every year.

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