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Governance & Operations


Our Board of Directors is elected by members at the Annual General Meeting and is responsible for setting policies and for the governance and operations of the Salem Acres Bible Camp association. To become a member, please fill out a membership form. Board Members can be contacted through the Salem Acres Board of Directors email.


Membership Application Form                       Board of Directors Application Form 


Peter Andrusiak, Chair
Calgary, AB

David Macphail, Vice Chair, Treasurer 
Calgary, AB

James Jenden, Secretary                                                                                   
Calgary, AB

Wendy Eeles, Executive Director 
Calgary, AB



The day-to-day operation of Salem Acres Bible Camp is directed by our Executive Director, Wendy Eeles and Staff.

Executive Director
Wendy Eeles, Calgary, AB- email her at Executive Director.

Staffing and Camp Programming
Latoya Colas, Elnora, AB - email her at Program Director.

Retreats and Facilities
Anthony Martin, Elnora, AB - email him at Camp Manager.